The picture was first published in the New Yorker Magazine

What does it take to be carefree? To be truly free from the vagaries of life? The answer my friend is a clear skin, no frizz dandruff free hair and a fucking brilliant metabolism. Whenever I see them folks flying around spilling wisdom in the form of the routine “let your juices flow- live until you die -don’t fall prey to life” crap; all I say is shut up man. It is difficult enough to not live that life. I don’t need no reminders on a routine basis about my misery. I saw this film called Beach Bum and it has the beautiful Matthew McConaughey dancing around drinking and smoking weed carrying his characteristic frame from scene to scene in a way so nonchalant that it really made me slow down for a few minutes. I wondered if I could ever be so carefree — to walk like Brad Pitt, to think like Matthew Mcchounhey, to live like Lennon. The answer came from the most unexpected direction. Two days without taking a bath and my skin started to fume. Two weeks of incessant drinking and my head started spinning with my belly growing an inch every day. Two months without haircare and dandruff was peaking with hair taking all directions other than the ones intended. To that, I said definitely not alright, alright, alright! So then, what is it? How do these free folk have clear spotless anti-ageing skin, long hair falling as freely as a waterfall, and a damn fine looking body?! You cannot tell me to think in the opposite direction. It is stupid to say that the free folk don’t think too much about hair, skin and metabolism, and that is why they have been endowed with an endless reserve of beauty. I say bullshit! I say it is already too difficult to think freely. But. Just in case you want to live freely. Like the heroes you see and worship. Do think about your freckled skin, frizzy hair, fat belly and failing metabolism. And if you still plan on going ahead, then good luck! Stay hydrated.



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